Residential Window Tinting


Residential Window Tinting

When you want incredible residential window tinting Puyallup home owners rely on, you want SC Window Tinting. Our residential window tinting services provide your home with some exceptional benefits for your comfort, health, and well being. With professional residential window tinting installation you get beautiful results you can be proud to show family and friend. Our careful application and high quality window films are designed to last for decades.

Residential window tinting how you want it.

We use Johnson Window Films® to provide our customers with a great selection of cost effective tinting options. These come in a wide array of shades, and we can help you identify the perfect tint to protect your home. Protection is one of the greatest benefits offered by residential window tinting, Puyallup families need. This protection extends throughout your home.

Residential Window Tinting Benefits

Protect your home with residential window tinting

  • UV Ray Reduction – The health of your family and friends is so important. Our tinting applications help to protect you from the most harmful effects of the sun by reducing UV rays by as much as 99%. That protection doesn’t just affect occupants though. UVB and UV rays can damage wall hangings, upholstery, and more over time. We can help protect your home from both with a single application.
  • Electrical Savings – With summers getting increasingly hot, it’s important to take every step necessary to cut down on the need for electrical cooling. With our residential window tinting, Puyallup residents can save money. Tinted windows provide constant and immediate heat reduction, reducing the need for costly AC.
  • Cut Glare – Sunlight can make everyday activities difficult, especially when it’s highest in the sky. Viewing screens or even reading can cause extreme discomfort. Our window tinting is an easy and effective way to reduce glare in the home, making your environment comfortable and cozy any time of day.

Our window tint films come with a lifetime warranty that covers you in the event of fading, peeling, or delamination. There’s never been a more affordable, easy way to achieve professional results and reap the benefits of residential window tinting in Puyallup. Call (253) 376-4826 or Contact Us today and enjoy the benefits for yourself!