Paint Protection


Paint Protection

The best way to protect the paint job on your vehicle is to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in the first place. With SC Window Tinting applied paint protection, Puyallup vehicles get strong and nearly invisible protection in the areas that need it most. We’ve been providing professional results that protect for 20 years.

How does paint protection in Puyallup work?

We use Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film from 3M. This high-grade, durable, colorless urethane film is carefully applied to high-impact areas on your vehicle. The film is strong enough to take the damage from road debris, protecting your car.

Paint Protection Puyallup Benefits

  • Maintain the quality of your paint job.
  • Significantly reduce bug damage and paint chipping.
  • Protect and maintain your vehicles trade-in value


Nearly invisible paint protection for your car!

Roadway conditions can greatly affect your vehicle, and without paint protection, Puyallup vehicles suffer the consequences. Hazards like bug acid, stones, road debris, and sand wear away your investment. Our film is nearly invisible and applied to areas that frequently acquire the most damage. Depending on your vehicle we’ll apply Scotchgard™ approved protection to specific areas.

  • Truck, Van, Minivan Protection – Frequently protected areas include cab extensions, factory step-rails, rocker panels, bed rails, door handle inserts, leading boxes and door edges.
  • Luxury & Sport Vehicle Protection – Paint protection Puyallup luxury rides trust often addresses wheel flares, rocker panels, side mirrors, scoops, windshield edge molding, rear fender panels and leading hood edges.
  • Trailer, ATV, Motorcycle Protection – We often apply film to fenders, fairing, leading-edge chrome, and carrying cases.
  • RV Protection – With wide fronts RVs can take a lot of abuse from the road. We advise paint protection on side mirrors, leading edges, and cab fronts to protect you in Puyallup and beyond.
  • Jet Ski, Boat, Trailer Protection – It’s not just land vehicles that benefit from paint protection. We can apply film to leading edges, sides, keels, and more.

As the only NASCAR® officially licensed paint protection film, you can get the same great paint protection race drivers use on race day. They trust Scotchguard™ to keep their vehicle paint job from suffering unwanted damage due to sand, high-velocity dirt, and gravel on the track. That’s why we trust it to provide year round protection for your vehicle’s paint.

Get a professional paint protection application today!

Our technicians will help identify the components on your vehicle that need protecting. We provide crisp, flawless installation on every vehicle make and model. That’s quality paint protection installation that only comes with years of experience and practice. When you want to keep your vehicle’s paint looking better, longer, call (253) 376-4826 or Contact Us for the paint protection Puyallup vehicles rely on.