Flat Glass Tinting


Flat Glass Tinting

For professional flat glass tinting, Puyallup residents trust the experts at SC Window Tinting. For flat glass, Puyallup homes, businesses, and vehicles can greatly benefit from professional tinting. With more than 20 years providing professional grade flat glass tinting Puyallup has come to rely on, we use the highest quality products, expertly applied, for benefits that last a lifetime.

Flat Glass Puyallup Tinting Services

Home and Commercial Flat Glass Tinting

Whether you it’s for your home or business, flat glass tinting Puyallup depends on is perfect for both. We only use Johnson Window Films® which come with a lifetime warranty against delamination, fading, and peeling. With our careful execution and great product, you’ll get stunning results.

Auto and Boat Flat Glass Tinting

The flat glass Puyallup vehicles have can let in harsh UV rays and cause intense glare. More than at the home or office, this can present a major road hazard. Our tints are street legal, and help to greatly reduce these hazards. That gives you better visibility, more control, and keeps your from suffering UV damage.


Flat Glass Tinting Puyallup Benefits

  • Sunscreen for your building and vehicle – Most of us don’t think to apply sunscreen at home or on the go. Being inside doesn’t protect us from UV rays that pass through window glass until now. For protective flat glass tinting, Puyallup residents know that our tinting service reduce UV rays by up to 99%. That long lasting protection keeps your skin healthier, and protects valuable items like furnishings from sun damage.
  • Thermal shield yourself and save – Whether or not to turn up the AC is always a battle in the summer. You dread seeing an expensive bill or losing gas mileage, but want to keep cool. With flat glass tinting Puyallup citizens can save money and stay cooler. Our films reduce solar heat, keeping you cooler during the hotter summer months, at home and in your car.
  • Solar filter your car, boat, and home – Glare can be more than just an inconvenience, it can keep you from doing what you love. It makes driving more difficult, and can reduce your ability to use a computer, watch TV, or even read comfortably. Our flat glass window tinting is designed to reduce glare and reflections, making it easier to do what you want, when you want.

For professional flat glass window tinting in Puyallup that protects, cools, and lasts call (253) 376-4826 or Contact Us today.